The Art of Breathing

I have been working with a teacher for several months now and the results are magnanimous!  That’s a breatheword I don’t use much but I believe it best describes the fundamental and far-reaching changes I have been experiencing in my life.

Since my arrival 6 years ago, I have been teaching you the importance of time in prayer and meditation with God.  I still feel this is CRUCIAL to the spiritual path.  But what I am now finding is that I have something even more important to my journey.  I am learning to breathe properly. Yes, to breathe properly.  Now, I can meditate wherever I am!   I know this sounds way too simplistic. Trust me on this one, it works.  What has basically happened is that all my past work has come to a place where something else was needed to move me forward.  Basic meditation wasn’t doing it.  I am also continuing my other inner work including working with dreams, Integrative breath work, therapeutic work and more.  But, this new way of breathing has gotten me more in touch with my body, my self, and my soul.  Daily, weekly and sometimes momently old ways of doing and being are being released.  It is making all the work I am already doing to sky-rocket in its effectiveness.