It’s All in the Program!

“To be aware means to open our eyes to see the truth.”Image
-The Fifth Agreement, p. 24
The things that matter most to me in life are the things that have impacted me spiritually.  This can be books, people, events, interactions, etc.  Several years ago I was deeply impacted by the book, The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz.  I have read that and re-read it many times and it is a book that has literally changed my life – my beliefs changed after having read it!  The new companion to that book is The Fifth Agreement, written by Don Jose Ruiz, Don Miguel’s son.  I am reading it for the first time and am equally impacted.  My favorite quote from the opening page is, “The infinite, a total power, creates a program just for you, and everything you need to be what you are is in the program.” 

 Isn’t that a great thought?  So what happens that we get off track?Discover with me, the tools to self-mastery.  You will be blessed by the Toltec wisdom found on these pages that comes alive in your heart and soul.  I hope you will join me for this 8-week summer series.  I am humbled, honored and blessed to be able to share it with you beginning this Sunday.  


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