Please Do Not feed The Fears

“When we recover all the energy that we invested in making assumptions,
we can use the energy to create a new dream:  our personal heaven.  Don’t make assumptions.”
-Don Miguel Ruiz

I have been receiving many insights on this spiritual journey this week.  I am so happy to be able to break some old agreements – agreements based on fear.  I hope you have been working with them as well.  I will list the first 3 Agreements here to remind you:
Be Impeccable With Your Word
Don’t Take Anything Personally
Don’t Make Assumptions

When I spoke Sunday, several people told me they were encouraged and excited to either continue or begin the soul work of the teaching in the book The Fifth Agreement. I have received calls and emails from people telling me stories of catching themselves judging other people’s process.  In each case, people were able to laugh at themselves and also realize that their judgment was a “story” they were telling.  I also spoke with one person who wondered…”is it ALWAYS a story?”  What a great question!  The answer is “no.” Some issues can be healed in us and we see things for what they are – that is not a story…it shows you where you have healed! This is the goal of this work – we can actually see reality for what it is.  We do however need to be careful about judging the when, where and how someone else does their healing.  That is none of our business – we don’t know someone else’s soul and telling a story about that is not life-giving for us or others.  If we are finding that we have a tendency to judge others and their process, this is a clue regarding where our healing needs to happen.  Negative judgments come from fear and hatred, not from truth and love.  Remember, we often see in others what needs to be healed in ourselves.  So don’t feed the fears!
If you start to judge someone or yourself – STOP!  Ask meaningful questions about yourself and your own process to see if there is healing there for you.  This will help you make less assumptions about others and will accelerate your own healing. We want to be discerning and loving to ourselves and to others.  And the main thing we are focusing on, is living from truth and love.  Judging others and gossiping about them is actually giving away our power and life energy.  Be impeccable with your word – with yourself and others.  You won’t be disappointed in the results.  Your life will have more power and energy to live your purpose. 

Be Impeccable with Your Word

Be Impeccable with Your Word 


-Don Miguel Ruiz  

This morning I went on a horseback ride and was so struck at the beauty all around me.  At this particular barn, like most, there are vehicles sitting around – some words-1-1working and some not; there’s old farm equipment – some working and some not and a few horse trailers as well.  In spite of all the “extra stuff” around, I had an experience of God.  I noticed the most purely colored butterfly – very white and it was flittering all around.  It seemed as if it made sure I saw it.  The sun was hitting its wings so perfectly.  I then rode into the woods where the sun was coming through the trees – touching me, and the horse and the ground.  I don’t have words for it – but my grandmother would say “it’s God glory comin’ through the trees.”  Beautiful.  It was also so hot as I rode.  My intention was to release any negative energy into the earth and at the same time I was thanking God for everything I was experiencing.  I was asking my horse to carry me higher – both spiritually and literally…And then I got it! I realized that nature is what it is.  It doesn’t pretend to be one thing and actually be another. Nature, which is God of course, is always what it is.  It is fierce and beautiful and gentle and hot and trying and giving.  Nature, God, is impeccable with its word!

Be Impeccable with Your Word.

I encourage you to spend some time outside and notice the beauty around you.  Notice the impeccability of nature, of God.  The holiness you see around you is also in you.