Be Impeccable with Your Word

Be Impeccable with Your Word 


-Don Miguel Ruiz  

This morning I went on a horseback ride and was so struck at the beauty all around me.  At this particular barn, like most, there are vehicles sitting around – some words-1-1working and some not; there’s old farm equipment – some working and some not and a few horse trailers as well.  In spite of all the “extra stuff” around, I had an experience of God.  I noticed the most purely colored butterfly – very white and it was flittering all around.  It seemed as if it made sure I saw it.  The sun was hitting its wings so perfectly.  I then rode into the woods where the sun was coming through the trees – touching me, and the horse and the ground.  I don’t have words for it – but my grandmother would say “it’s God glory comin’ through the trees.”  Beautiful.  It was also so hot as I rode.  My intention was to release any negative energy into the earth and at the same time I was thanking God for everything I was experiencing.  I was asking my horse to carry me higher – both spiritually and literally…And then I got it! I realized that nature is what it is.  It doesn’t pretend to be one thing and actually be another. Nature, which is God of course, is always what it is.  It is fierce and beautiful and gentle and hot and trying and giving.  Nature, God, is impeccable with its word!

Be Impeccable with Your Word.

I encourage you to spend some time outside and notice the beauty around you.  Notice the impeccability of nature, of God.  The holiness you see around you is also in you.


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