Moving Into Mastery!

Alice“…you finally have the awareness of what you are, but not with words. And because there are no words to explain what you are, you go back into peace, the place where you don’t need words to know
what you are.”
Don Jose Ruiz

Wasn’t there a time when you absolutely knew who you were? Here is a picture of me when I was kid. I absolutely knew who I was then. The innocence is so obvious, isn’t it? Wow – seeing this picture brought me back to the truth. I have always been connected to Spirit. I have always known the truth. It couldn’t be explained but I knew it – deep down inside. The Fifth Agreement reminds us of this. Each of us is the manifestation of God.

How old were you when you knew you knew God? How old were you when you knew you were connected? And connected to God yes, but everything. I remember times of going out into the woods and just being. I would listen to the birds and hear the crickets and see the light coming through the trees. I would hear the creek and watch the movement of the squirrels in the trees. I would be in that. I didn’t feel separate from it, but a part of it. This is the place we are all trying to get back to.

When did you first know you were connected? Let me hear your story! Post it on Facebook or send me an email to and please send me a picture! I would love to see your soul shining through you! The sharing of your story will help your soul remember. Remember that you are the manifestation of God!


Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson (RCA)
Senior Minister


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