You are an angel!

 “Angel is a Greek word meaning ‘messenger.'”

angel-Don Jose Ruiz  
You are an angel – did you know that?  You are called to be a messenger.  In fact, that is what we are. What is the message we are bringing?  It is so easy to forget we are a messenger.  And if we are messengers, certainly our message is a high one. Anyone can bring a message of hatred or fear or just plain blah…But we are here to bring a message of Truth, of life!  This is a high calling and one that requires great awareness.  Here is the key to that awareness.  Look at your life and see who is in it.  Notice the kind of people that are in your world.  What is it they have in common?  It is that commonality that will tell you the message you are bringing to life.  This is fun to do and even challenging at times, because you may see things you aren’t interested in seeing.  But it will be a way for you to grow, for you to expand your soul.  Once you know the message you are bringing (especially if you don’t like it) you can change it!  Also notice how you treat yourself and that will be a wonderful clue to the message you are bringing.  Begin nurturing yourself more so you can live from this place of love and caring to others.
When you learn to act from the real you, the authentic self, or the soul of you, you will be a heavenly messenger!  When your life is about truth and supporting and uplifting others, you will be a heavenly messenger.
In light and love,

Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson (RCA)
Senior Minister


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