Prosperity 4 U

prosperity“To experience more prosperity, more of anything – you must be willing to change your mind.”
There is enough for you.  There is prosperity for you!  What if you could not only believe that but also live it?  The truth is, you were born great.  And you have never lost your greatness for a single second.  But are you living that greatness?  Are you living the life you were born to live?  Look at your life now – are there things you would like to see changed for the better?  Things can be better. There is enough for you.  No matter how things look or feel.  Remember that nothing is as it seems.  You are abundantly prospered and Divinely blessed.  That is the Truth of who you are. To experience this goodness, you will have to change your thinking and living. Your thinking and living must reflect your true self to bring true prosperity and harmony into your life. There isPRSPRTY 4U.

PRSPRTY 4U is a 4-week Sunday and Wednesday series starting this Sunday, August 10 and is based on a new curriculum I wrote. The curriculum is available in our bookstore.   Sunday morning messages are based on the 4-week curriculum with the Wednesdaynight classes going deeper into each topic.  Each week in class includes lecture, small group discussion, prayer support and in-depth homework assignments that will shift your consciousness greatly.

My prayer for you is that you will care enough about yourself to join us for this life-enhancing series.  If you practice the teachings in this 4-week series, your life will change for the better.  You will begin to live into the greatness you were born to live. You will know your own prosperity.


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