ccublog1Prayer is the very foundation of our work at Christ Church Unity and the entire Unity movement.  Over 100 years ago, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore began praying for their own healing and this grew to include praying for others in small in-home prayer groups.  From this, an amazing prayer ministry started called Silent Unity.  Silent Unity is a 24-hr, 365 day a year ministry that supports people of all faiths in prayer.

Prayer is what most of us go to in times of stress or need…but what if we could learn to pray and to meditate when things were going well?  You would begin to see a difference in the overall feeling tone of your life.  You would begin to tap into your subconscious mind and clean out old ways of thinking.  You would also have greater access to your intuitive sense that will help support you in life’s challenges.  You would be open to receiving and giving love more freely.  Doesn’t this sound wonderful?  I hope you will join me as we put our Faith in Action this week with a focus on PRAYER.

If you need prayer support any time, Silent Unity is available by calling 1-800-NOW-PRAY.

In Prayer,

Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson (RCA)
Senior Minister


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