What Truth Are You Living From?

This morning I had an awakening experience.  I looked outside after I first woke up and saw the light was beautiful.  I had to drop everything I was doing and go out for my morning prayer ritual.  When I went out for my morning ritual of prayer to the 7 directions the sunrise was so beautiful – the colors of blue and pink and cfiles11999white were gorgeous and hard to describe well in words. I felt God so strongly and could sense the energy of aliveness in the earth herself. The last of the prayer ritual, of the 7 directions is “within” and I touched my heart as I always do to say a prayer and ask for the blessing of that direction to be known in me. Today, when I closed my eyes and touched my heart chakra, I instantly saw that sunrise within me.  Wow!  I wasn’t expecting that.  What a blessing and great reminder of the Truth. God is within me – always….shining in its brilliant colors. Thank you, God! This is the place of peace I am living from today. I am so grateful to be awakened to this Truth!

This is true and possible for you as well of course!  God is available every moment of every day.  Take a moment – just a minute or 2 to step outside and feel the goodness of God in your life. Every time you feel the sun on your face or a breeze or see the snow or hear a bird sing, remember your greatness.  And then go out and live from that Truth.  Remember that you are made of God. God is all there is.

With love and respect,

Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson (RCA)
Spiritual Leader

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