What Are You?

“You live in a small, mean world, if your perceptions are small and mean. You live in a large, generous world, if your perceptions are large, generous.”
-What Are You? Chapter 3

We are moving into Week 3 of our series, WHAT ARE YOU? Each week we have been challenged to live life from a bigger, more expansive place. It can be challenging at times, to remember that you are more than your circumstance or feeling or argument or income level. But you are! You are made of the infinite and we study these principles to remember our true self.

Week 1 of our series, Your Identity, wars about realizing that the “who” of us, the personal, can be changed. The “what” of us, the Spirit aspect, is changeless. Our soul work becomes then to bring the “what” of us to the “who” of life’s situations. Easier said that done, right? Keep calling yourself back into a sacred memory of yourself. From the spiritual, mental and physical, you are God’s.

Week 2, You Are What You Think, was about continuing to work with our thoughts to carve our life story on the substance of the universe. We are reminded to be responsible for our experience and continue to seek to live life from our highest spiritual self.

This week, we are reminded of the Jesus teaching that if we seek God’s kingdom first, all our other needs will be met. This is a wonderful promise to us. A wonderful affirmation for the truths in this chapter around God’s presence and assurance are found in this words,

“In God, I live and move and have my being.
In me, God lives and moves and must be given expression.”

My prayer for all of us is continued soul growth and evolution. I ask for your prayers and I hold you in my prayers daily.


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