What Are You?

“You live in a small, mean world, if your perceptions are small and mean. You live in a large, generous world, if your perceptions are large, generous.”
-What Are You? Chapter 3

We are moving into Week 3 of our series, WHAT ARE YOU? Each week we have been challenged to live life from a bigger, more expansive place. It can be challenging at times, to remember that you are more than your circumstance or feeling or argument or income level. But you are! You are made of the infinite and we study these principles to remember our true self.

Week 1 of our series, Your Identity, wars about realizing that the “who” of us, the personal, can be changed. The “what” of us, the Spirit aspect, is changeless. Our soul work becomes then to bring the “what” of us to the “who” of life’s situations. Easier said that done, right? Keep calling yourself back into a sacred memory of yourself. From the spiritual, mental and physical, you are God’s.

Week 2, You Are What You Think, was about continuing to work with our thoughts to carve our life story on the substance of the universe. We are reminded to be responsible for our experience and continue to seek to live life from our highest spiritual self.

This week, we are reminded of the Jesus teaching that if we seek God’s kingdom first, all our other needs will be met. This is a wonderful promise to us. A wonderful affirmation for the truths in this chapter around God’s presence and assurance are found in this words,

“In God, I live and move and have my being.
In me, God lives and moves and must be given expression.”

My prayer for all of us is continued soul growth and evolution. I ask for your prayers and I hold you in my prayers daily.

What Truth Are You Living From?

This morning I had an awakening experience.  I looked outside after I first woke up and saw the light was beautiful.  I had to drop everything I was doing and go out for my morning prayer ritual.  When I went out for my morning ritual of prayer to the 7 directions the sunrise was so beautiful – the colors of blue and pink and cfiles11999white were gorgeous and hard to describe well in words. I felt God so strongly and could sense the energy of aliveness in the earth herself. The last of the prayer ritual, of the 7 directions is “within” and I touched my heart as I always do to say a prayer and ask for the blessing of that direction to be known in me. Today, when I closed my eyes and touched my heart chakra, I instantly saw that sunrise within me.  Wow!  I wasn’t expecting that.  What a blessing and great reminder of the Truth. God is within me – always….shining in its brilliant colors. Thank you, God! This is the place of peace I am living from today. I am so grateful to be awakened to this Truth!

This is true and possible for you as well of course!  God is available every moment of every day.  Take a moment – just a minute or 2 to step outside and feel the goodness of God in your life. Every time you feel the sun on your face or a breeze or see the snow or hear a bird sing, remember your greatness.  And then go out and live from that Truth.  Remember that you are made of God. God is all there is.

With love and respect,

Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson (RCA)
Spiritual Leader

The BODY/MIND Connection

alicebook“…our emotional and psychological states do greatly influence the onset and passage of illness, as well as our ability to heal.”
Deb Shapiro,
Your Body Speaks Your Mind

Unity began over 100 years ago as a healing movement.  Our co-founders, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore understood that our thoughts and prayers have a huge impact on our ability to heal.  That is not to say that any illness will be healed this way but that it will support healing.  We learn to be conscious co-creators in our healing process.  There are now modern-day scholars, researchers, scientists and doctors that work with a whole aspect of medicine called psychoneuroimmunology which supports the view and experience of the Fillmore’s so long ago.
Here is a great official definition of “psychoneuroimmunology” for you from Wikipedia:
Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body.[1] 
The way I understand it is that our thoughts, emotions, our general state of being and awareness, will have an impact on how we heal.  This is now studied scientifically – isn’t this wonderful?  Science is helping us study this connection and also encourage the engagement of the BODY/MIND in healing.
You might be wondering what this has to do with your spiritual journey or your soul evolution.  Working with our thoughts and emotions is a spiritual process.  The emotions are windows to the soul.  In my personal experiences of healing and working with hundreds of people over the years, there always seems to be a psycho-spiritual aspect to the healing.  And even if there isn’t a “physical” healing or cure, there is a possibility of soul healing within every illness.  Eric Butterworth says there is an “ALLNESS within every illness.”  It is our work to find the “ALLNESS” or God, in the midst of our pain.
In health and wellness,

Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson (RCA)
Senior Minister



ccublog1Prayer is the very foundation of our work at Christ Church Unity and the entire Unity movement.  Over 100 years ago, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore began praying for their own healing and this grew to include praying for others in small in-home prayer groups.  From this, an amazing prayer ministry started called Silent Unity.  Silent Unity is a 24-hr, 365 day a year ministry that supports people of all faiths in prayer.

Prayer is what most of us go to in times of stress or need…but what if we could learn to pray and to meditate when things were going well?  You would begin to see a difference in the overall feeling tone of your life.  You would begin to tap into your subconscious mind and clean out old ways of thinking.  You would also have greater access to your intuitive sense that will help support you in life’s challenges.  You would be open to receiving and giving love more freely.  Doesn’t this sound wonderful?  I hope you will join me as we put our Faith in Action this week with a focus on PRAYER.

If you need prayer support any time, Silent Unity is available by calling 1-800-NOW-PRAY.

In Prayer,

Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson (RCA)
Senior Minister

Gratitude is the great multiplier.

 “Gratitude is the great multiplier.” 

alicebook “Gratitude”  is one of the simplest and most important aspects of prosperity.  In the stories from scripture we are told over and over to give thanks to God always.  We see from the teachings of our Master Jesus, that when he acknowledged God as Source of good, and believed in the increase, it happened instantly!  Apply the practice of gratitude to all of life’s situations and watch the activity of God at work!!  You will be amazed at how Spirit can move in and through your life in such a powerful way.


Affirmation: I focus my thoughts on abundance.

Today I take inventory of what I have.  I look at every area of my life and see the gifts I have been given.  I see the gifts of my soul and realize that I am a gift!  I focus my thoughts on good and acknowledge God as the source.  I focus my thoughts on abundance.

I am guided and guarded by the Holy Spirit.

I am loved,

I am safe,

I am blessed.

In Prosperity,

 Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson (RCA)
Senior Minister

Prosperity 4 U

prosperity“To experience more prosperity, more of anything – you must be willing to change your mind.”
There is enough for you.  There is prosperity for you!  What if you could not only believe that but also live it?  The truth is, you were born great.  And you have never lost your greatness for a single second.  But are you living that greatness?  Are you living the life you were born to live?  Look at your life now – are there things you would like to see changed for the better?  Things can be better. There is enough for you.  No matter how things look or feel.  Remember that nothing is as it seems.  You are abundantly prospered and Divinely blessed.  That is the Truth of who you are. To experience this goodness, you will have to change your thinking and living. Your thinking and living must reflect your true self to bring true prosperity and harmony into your life. There isPRSPRTY 4U.

PRSPRTY 4U is a 4-week Sunday and Wednesday series starting this Sunday, August 10 and is based on a new curriculum I wrote. The curriculum is available in our bookstore.   Sunday morning messages are based on the 4-week curriculum with the Wednesdaynight classes going deeper into each topic.  Each week in class includes lecture, small group discussion, prayer support and in-depth homework assignments that will shift your consciousness greatly.

My prayer for you is that you will care enough about yourself to join us for this life-enhancing series.  If you practice the teachings in this 4-week series, your life will change for the better.  You will begin to live into the greatness you were born to live. You will know your own prosperity.

You are an angel!

 “Angel is a Greek word meaning ‘messenger.'”

angel-Don Jose Ruiz  
You are an angel – did you know that?  You are called to be a messenger.  In fact, that is what we are. What is the message we are bringing?  It is so easy to forget we are a messenger.  And if we are messengers, certainly our message is a high one. Anyone can bring a message of hatred or fear or just plain blah…But we are here to bring a message of Truth, of life!  This is a high calling and one that requires great awareness.  Here is the key to that awareness.  Look at your life and see who is in it.  Notice the kind of people that are in your world.  What is it they have in common?  It is that commonality that will tell you the message you are bringing to life.  This is fun to do and even challenging at times, because you may see things you aren’t interested in seeing.  But it will be a way for you to grow, for you to expand your soul.  Once you know the message you are bringing (especially if you don’t like it) you can change it!  Also notice how you treat yourself and that will be a wonderful clue to the message you are bringing.  Begin nurturing yourself more so you can live from this place of love and caring to others.
When you learn to act from the real you, the authentic self, or the soul of you, you will be a heavenly messenger!  When your life is about truth and supporting and uplifting others, you will be a heavenly messenger.
In light and love,

Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson (RCA)
Senior Minister